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Exporter & Importer
Manufacturer / Producer
Al-Mukalla Sea Fisheries & Marketing
Mr. Abdellah Ba-Abbad
Maalla Main St.
Aden, 'Adan
Tel: 967 2 220772
Fax: 967 2 244986
Key Figures
Years in Business 15
Annual Revenue USD 1 - 2 Million
Employees 11 - 50
Company Profile
Al-Mukalla Sea Fisheries & Marketing
We are an export company for all kinds of fish (fresh, frozen and dried) Our products include: yellow fin tuna, cuttlefish, grouper, Indian Mackerel, catfish , sailfish, octopus, squid, shrimps, lobster, croaker, snap
Product(s) we Sell
[160300 ] Extracts and Juices of Meat, Fish Crustaceans, Molluscs, Other Aquatic Invertebrates
[160413 ] Sardines, Sardinella, Brisling, Sprats (Prepared or Preserved)
[160414 ] Tunas, Skipjack and Bonito (Sarda Spp.) (Prepared or Preserved)
[160415 ] Mackerel (Prepared or Preserved)
[160416 ] Anchovies (Prepared or Preserved)
[160419 ] Prepared or Preserved Other Fish
[160420 ] Other Prepared or Preserved Fish (Excluding Whole or in Pieces)
[160510 ] Crab (Preserved or Prepared)
[160520 ] Shrimps and Prawns (Prepared or Preserved)
[160530 ] Lobster (Prepared or Preserved)
[160540 ] Other Crustaceans (Prepared or Preserved)
[160590 ] Prepared or Preserved Molluscs, Other Aquatic Invertebrates
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
Target Import Market(s)
Products and Services
Al-Mukalla Sea Fisheries & Marketing provides the following products and services:
fish, seafood, cuttlefish, food, grouper
Notice:  The Company Profile Information above has been provided to us directly from Al-Mukalla Sea Fisheries & Marketing. If you find discrepancies with any information from this company please contact us immediately.
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